Those born on the 12th of June are amazing, powerful, and will face every challenges thrown at them head-on and'll never back down. They're also loyal, kind, and someone you can talk to when you have problems or simply need someone.
"Hey bro what makes a person strong-willed?"

"Ah that's if they're born on June 12"
by jaiyel_12 October 18, 2019
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You were born on June 12? Oh get that bag
by Ifuu yo nvin October 17, 2019
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My kitty named Gilmer's b'day!
Girl: Its June 12
Boy: Yeah, its mt kitty's b'day
by Brookie_Cookie1258 May 16, 2020
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When a natural born leader, badass girl was born.
Person 1: did you see that girl, she’s gotta be born on June 12.
by Claudia Jingles November 17, 2019
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If you were born in June 12 then you are one of the baddest bitches and can fight and is also mean
You:my birthday is June 12

Friend:oh so you can fight and your one if the most baddest bitches
by Nbayoungboy10 October 28, 2019
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On June 12, Wherever you are you have to twerk and you can’t be embarrassed or shy
by Bouncethatass June 7, 2019
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They say the best boyfriends are born.Super fine when it comes to looks, and have the best hair. Very loyal and makes you smile every time you see them.
June 12- born this day then he is a keeper
by @idk•anymore💀 December 14, 2019
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