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The shittiest theme park in the world and also one of the worst places to work at. The characters are retarded, the shows suck, and it is filthy. The only people stupid enough to actually pay to get into this hell-hole are, of course, stupid-ass New Yorkers, who are generally Italian stereotypes. If you enjoy swimming in a public toilet or getting overcharged for everything, this is the vacation spot for you.
Tony: "Yo Donna!! Where we gonna take the kid for vacation dis summa?!"
Donna: "Oh I don't know Tony, how bout we go see a Yankees game? That Derek Jeter is totally not gay."
Tony: "Tell you what my little meatball, I'll put on my best guinea-T, grease up my hair real nice, and drive us on down to Sesame Place in my IROC Z-28. The kid freakin' loves that Elmo guy."
Donna: "Oh Tony, that sounds wonderful, wait till I tell my motha!"
Tony: "Yeah, I sure am great comin' up wit dis here idea, I think I'll treat myself to some pizza..."
by Byron Faunce August 23, 2005
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