16 definitions by Fobesnu

The feminist way to call the 2nd gender.
"I am a fefemale"
"Isn't that redundant to add fe to female?"
"Shut up! It shows my feminist pride and self-righteousness"
by Fobesnu January 10, 2021
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The thing that prevents you from getting a win on Minecraft or the root cause of cancer and school shootings
"You use Google Meets bro?"
"That's so cancerous bro"
by Fobesnu October 29, 2020
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Variation of the word Nick Gur, having the same goal to make a streamer/youtuber to say the n-word or the naughty word.
Streamer: Thank you for the donation Nick Ga!

Viewers: PepeLaugh
by Fobesnu January 09, 2021
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