a southern person says it to someone if their actin weird
act a fool
by booty October 7, 2003
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I'm about to take of so F what u heard.
Because my side mirrors flap like a fucking bird
by 2 fast October 13, 2003
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When talking with black people this mean "They got WASTED." Although I'm white and I've never been to a black party where someone acted a fool, I don't think it involves any violence. Harmless pranks. Drunk and hitting on your brother's girlfriend. Forgot how to do the HUSTLE!!! Wished that MF would just SHUT UP!!
Ah, man. That nigga acted a fool at the party on Sunday (yes they party on Sunday and Monday and )
If you come to my party you betta not act a fool.
by sneezy1974 December 1, 2006
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Something a southern person says to someone who is being dumb or stupid.
Lets all act a fool ,like Ludacris!
by jesse June 18, 2004
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in the song let's go by lil' jon he defines it as telling a lie.
some puck just slipped up and made you spill your drink. what you gonna do act a fool
by mc mac April 21, 2005
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1) To be "that" guy at a party
2)Being totally unreasonable
3)A dumb ass
4)A shady character
"You know how he always be actin the fool!"
-What are you doing tonight?
-Just acting the fool
by Rishi Moti April 6, 2006
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To do something so fucking stupid, to cut up to the point of being borderline insane
Cat: *behaving outwardly, wilding out, arguing yelling fussing n fighting*
Kitten: "U act the fool!!!"
by Kozak Khan April 5, 2016
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