A partner in a rehabilitation program. Your accountabilabuddy is responsible for helping you stay on track with the program, and you are expected to do the same for them. Term originated on "South Park".
Butters was assigned an accountabilabuddy at a camp for "bi-curious" boys to help him stop acting gay.
by MizzouTigerGirl May 15, 2007
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A friend, maybe a best friend, who you get into trouble with and who is somewhat responsible for your actions.
Dude, Kyle is totally my accountabilabuddy. Good lookin out Kyle.
by zak meade April 25, 2007
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A person who keeps you in check. In other words a friend who keeps you from fucking up. Similar to a sponsor

Originally from an episode of South Park called "Cartman sucks"
Dude you were supposed to be my accountabilabuddy instead you got drunk, bought 15 hookers, married 4 of them, and then had sex with a horse. Why didn't you bring me?
by Iceberg1031 May 17, 2007
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someone that you are partnered with, where you are each responsible for each others actions wether good or bad.

(from Southpark Season - 11, Ep. - 02 "Cartman Sucks")

also see - accountabilabuddyable

1)Butters - "Bradley!! dont jump! youre my accountabilabuddy! hows this gonna make me look??"

2) Counsellor - "this is just as much your fault Butters, Bradley is your accountabilabuddy, that makes you accountabilabuddyable!"
by Matt Wegener May 15, 2007
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Reference from the show South Park.

A person to whom you are responsible for, and vice-versa for that said person.
Butters, you lost your accountabilabuddy?! You will be held accountabiliabuddiable.
by benormous May 16, 2007
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A same-sex partner with whom you keep accountable to not be bi-curious; conversely, a same-sex partner with whom you explore bisexuality. Accountabilabuddies are most often found at religious camps whose goal is to "get the gay out" of children.
This is Trevor and he's my accountabilabuddy, and we're bi-curious!
by yourrealname7768 September 6, 2009
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When you get into some sort of trouble and need someone to form a spurious alibi you need an accountabilabuddy.
I was late for the WI meeting yet again! Fortunately, my accountabilabuddy, Hattie, came up with another of her cockamamie excuses for me.
by Jonathan FeBland May 15, 2007
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