A great merit or award. A great praise.
Your work should receive such an accolade.
by CGray1387 May 21, 2006
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I got accolades in the company newsletter for a job well done instead of a raise.
by spidey_88 May 21, 2010
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That in which one must shout in addition to a gesture of hands raised, upon the knowledge of an audible exchange of an approbation.
Stranger: "You look cute today"

by The Agressor September 28, 2010
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A type of inflation in a social group whereby more and more shallow, empty, and easy awards keep getting made and given out to members, and thus members of the group need to show a huge number of these awards to be considered average.
There is so much accolade inflation these days it's hard to tell apart those who are average from those who have accomplished something noteworthy.

The CVs of HS students applying to college these days has a 7 page section on 'awards and recognitions' due to the constant accolade inflation.

My 5 year old came home from school with 5 daily stars for her behavior over the past 3 days, in a case of flagrant kindergarten accolade inflation.
by Sqeezle March 22, 2021
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