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A type of inflation in a social group whereby more and more shallow, empty, and easy awards keep getting made and given out to members, and thus members of the group need to show a huge number of these awards to be considered average.
There is so much accolade inflation these days it's hard to tell apart those who are average from those who have accomplished something noteworthy.

The CVs of HS students applying to college these days has a 7 page section on 'awards and recognitions' due to the constant accolade inflation.

My 5 year old came home from school with 5 daily stars for her behavior over the past 3 days, in a case of flagrant kindergarten accolade inflation.
by Sqeezle March 22, 2021
A noun describing when someone who is higher than you in one area (like your boss at work) starts also acting like they're higher than you in another area (like their knowledge of cars, their ability in a particular sport, their ability to use a camera or edit photos, etc).

Typically this happens when someone higher in status (often older, male, and white) starts to lecture about topics outside their domain of expertise, just because they're used to everyone listening to them. They pontificate and lecture to you as if their opinion is somehow more valuable, but in reality it's not...
My boss pulled a Hierarchical Transfer, she started lecturing to me about the Middle East after she took a week long vacation there, ignoring the fact that I lived there for years...
by Sqeezle June 5, 2020
An EBMK refers to any email announcement sent to an office listserv that starts off a chain reaction of boastful , fakely supportive or congratulatory 'reply all' emails to the entire department. EMBKs are initially sent by a single person to a group list and, in response, co-workers start responding to the entire group. At first just the narcissists or those who don't know their place in the hierarchy send reply all emails with fake and overly emotional "congratulations!!!", "thank you so much!!", "this made my day :) :) :)", etc. Then the higher-ranking members of the office try to one up each other with longer winded pontificatory reply all emails... these are interspersed with reply-alls from their subordinates and other sycophants, often with emojis or an awkward number of exclamation points. Eventually the email chain reaches a critical mass where average and even fringe group-members feel peer pressure to reply all to the group with similarly disingenuous expressions of emotion, or else it looks like they are not supportive.

EBMK is adapted from the Russian nuclear reactor type RBMK ("reaktor bolshoy moshchnosti kanalnyy", or high-power channel-type reactor) which underwent a chain reaction and blew up in Chernobyl, 1986, igniting an ever expanding shitstorm that negatively affected all nearby.
"Ah crap, my boss just sent an ebmk to the group about his new baby and everyone is replying to the group, now I have to reply also or I'll look bad..."
by Sqeezle May 28, 2020