A word made up by silly Aussies to express a range of emotions depending on its use.
John Smith just went home with that girl from Ivy...abow!
by abow? September 21, 2011
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A bow to royalty was initially a moment of surprise, when the very first person greeting the king was surprised by the size of his bulge. Thenceforth, became a tradition to bend the head to acknowledge the similar line of sight.
The very first public meeting the king ever made had been with an unexpected turn for events.
As many gentlemen are custom to, shaking hands is what was in due course, however.
Upon the king holding his hand out to greet a young chap, this said fellow man of the kings regime, had unexpectedly looked down in surprise.
The king unsure what was happening, other than the obvious, felt it to become a tradition that all future events, a bow is of a proposed means to greet ones king.
by Long Johns November 26, 2017
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