A replacement for “period
“He told me throw it back aboww”
by Mrsdondada January 5, 2022
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A term ratchet bitches use when they don’t got money
How aboww you go wash y’all’s pussy’s 🤮
by young_P January 19, 2022
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aboww usually means a girl wants female attention due too lack of attention at home
OMG emily i just rejected this guy aboww
by ketsulol January 21, 2022
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the act of a woman objectifying oneself for men’s pleasure in order to feel of some sort of worth
he told me throw it back, aboww
by professional womens rights act January 19, 2022
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Similar to period Abow is an expressive noun to describe being the shit and or that bitch
Abow can also be synonym to you thought you ate give me that fucking plate hoe depending on the tone in which it’s spoken
-Guess who just got a raise bitch ABOWW
-My ass looking fat ABOWW
-and you thought you ate Abow 😒
-Abow nobody fuvkin laughed
by BadBitchBey January 6, 2022
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Females usually say this word , from TikTok this means there pussy stink , and there runners

Jasmine : aboww

Jacob : so your pussy stink ?
by Dirty hoes January 18, 2022
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