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Getting drunk with your mates, then deciding to shave your head.
Man, we all got so drunk on Saturday, we ended up giving Karl 'a-britney'
by Hilldog3000 February 22, 2007
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yourself or someone else either having done or in the act of doing something stupid Britney Spears would do
walking into AND using a nasty gas station bathroom barefooted-i.e. omg! are you kidding? you totally gave that A Britney! also dating random unworthy people-i.e. if you date him you're so pulling A Britney!
by nestle leslie October 05, 2006
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To stimulate oneself while your shirt is tied in a Britney spears 'hit me baby' knot.
Dude : Thank god i was doing a-britney and not a-miley as my house mates came home mid flow.

Guy: Pheww , altho if you can't undo the knot in time i think it looks worse.
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by chrysalis90 May 13, 2016
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