Mexican phrase with various meanings:

1. "oh fuck" also "ay que la chingada" meaning "ah fuck-in-A man"

2. "get that fuckin' thing out of here" (the chingada is a very horrible place, so the translation is literally "to the horrible fucking place" but contextually means "get that fucking thing out of here" as in "send that thing or situation to fucking hell"

3. "vete a la chingada" is a strong insult meaning "send yourself to that horrible fucking place dirtier then the most horrible dirtiness and nasty nastiness, that's right - "the chingada" Man, don't you get this yet?

4. "well fuck" as in "well fuck, my tire's blown, guess I gotta walk" = "ah la chingada, ya se chingo' mi llanta, supongo que tengo que caminar hasta la chingada"

5. "really, really, really fucking far" as in "dude I had to go to the chingada to get my suppositories and they hurt like the chingada"
1. Ay que la chingada!
Oh fuck-in-A, man!

2. A la chingada con eso!
Get that fuckin' thing out of here.
Doesn't your boss want you to work
A la chingada with him. (Fuck 'im.)

3. Vete a la chingada!
Where exactly is the chingada located?
OK, I'll give you direcciones, senor,
first you reach your fist up your
asshole, then you scream like the
chingada! Now you're there.

4. Ah la chingada (holy fuck) tu eres
Shakira, no es asi? (you're Shakira,
holy fucking chingada!)

5. This post is as long as the chingada.
by Ryan, dog, Ryan February 3, 2009
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Translates to "the fucked one" from spanish. Term which generally refers to Dona Marina, who was the translator, slave, and mistress of Hernan Cortes.
La Chingada gave birth to the illegitimate child of Hernan Cortes.
by La Malinche June 7, 2010
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It's a mexican phrase meaning "go the hell", or with a stronger meaning like "get the fuck out of here"
Este idiota ya me molesto, ¿por qué no le dices que se vaya a la chingada?
This asshole is bothering me, why don't you get him the fuck out of here?

Deja de estar chingando, vete a la chingada!
Stop fucking me, get the hell out of here!
by Edgar1126 August 26, 2006
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QLC: equivalent to WTF.

Que =What
la = the/of
chingada = fuck
That guy just punched your mom in the face, que la chingada!!!
by ChristineKK October 2, 2009
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Loosely it means "son of a bitch." But historically, it meant "son of raped woman." The verb "chingar" comes from a Nahuatl (Aztec) word meaning "to rape." When the Spaniards arrived in the Americas, their raping of the indigenous women was so widespread that chingar began to be used as a curse, similar to the F-word. That is why chingar and its derivatives are not used in Spain but only in Latin American countries, and especially in Mexico.
by Chingon2010 May 20, 2009
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a fucking bastard, a motherfucker. About the worst thing you can call someone in Spanish, especially in Mexico.
¡voy a matarte, hijo de la chingada!
by salgueira April 2, 2006
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(literally) daughter of the fucked; female offspring of an unloved, unwed, raped or incestual mother.
Pimp: Donde esta mi dinero, hija de la chingada.
by Barrio Bill March 8, 2008
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