A Dona is a beatuiful kind person. They have many emotions and dont know how to express them. A dona fights for herself and others. She is a amazing person. If you meet a Dona dont let them go. Try having a deep conversation with them.
by Aqua_Sky2722 May 6, 2019
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Not a normal person who likes to pick their nose in public and say HAZAH! Although people mistaken the name for Dora, Dara, and Dana; the name Dona is pronounced
Anna: hey there Dora!
Dona: MY NAME is not DORA it is Dona pronounced DUH NAH!!!!
Anna: Sorry DUH NAH.
by gotmilk121 October 29, 2009
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Beautiful primadona
by Humairah December 29, 2017
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Dona is someone everybody would want to be with. Not everyone can get to spend time with her. If your lucky enough to be with Dona don't ever let go . She chooses people wisely .Once she likes a person , she gives whole of her heart to them. She craves for care and love and at the same time is a bold and independent girl. She doesn't fall for fake words easily. But however boldness she shows , deep inside she has a sensitive heart.

She is the most laziest person you could ever meet. She gets irritated very fast. Gets tensed and worried for small silly things. At a point time she would be crazy about complex games like GTA V , Call of duty etc but gets bored the next second.

She can't express her love towards the people she love but deep down she would have made a poem of love for the person.

She is very dependent. If she is invited for a function , only if there is atleast one person she knows , will she attend the party .

She loves food especially Biriyani. She gets hungry very fast . She hates alcoholic people. Hold on tight to a Dona if you meet one once gone , there is no turning back . If your lucky enough to be in her favourite people list , damn , you will be the happiest.
A movie has been released .
Favorite person : let's not watch it , its not a good one.
Dona : I want to watch it and so I ll watch it , right after I finish it , you should watch it too.
by Misstheoldus812 November 24, 2021
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There are very nice Dona’s also work very hard and are usually the last to stop working
Dona worked very hard to help me
by That kid 437 November 28, 2021
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Donae is a loving person. She has a good heart. She's very independent and always get stuff done. She's a procrastinator but her priorities are always on point. She always succeeds in everything she does. She's a very sensitive girl. She's always happy, and love to make others happy. One thing about donae, she will be a great wife. She is a very humble person but she takes no shit.
You will love donae
by Herown February 23, 2015
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simply perfect
the best person in the world
no one can replace her
duhh na is the best ever!!!!!!!!! dona is great
by ddddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaadd November 9, 2009
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