Hernan is REALLY loyal and respectful he will always have your back he makes you happy when you need it He's a hardworker and he always makes his dreams come true he loves his family with all his heart and cares a lot and would do anything for them if you meet a hernan be his friend he is VERY good at not snitching most hernans are either amazing singers or great rappers hernan may have done somethings or has a dark past but just know he will make things better he is super talented and athletic he's a total wierdo and loves to make people laugh
Guy:Hey look over there it's hernan

Guys friend:let's go get his autograph
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A young man who thinks of himself as Batman. He fights for the well being of people. Very cocky. Thinks his the best looking kid out there. Responsible. Respectful. Weird. Overall a great person to meet.
Hernan where were you when I needed Batman???
by Cheekies16 October 26, 2010
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a guy that likes to get blow jobs from slutty blonds
there goes Hernan messing around with a slutty bitch
by UrGirlJ January 3, 2009
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A non-derogatory word to describe an Cuban or Argentinean person
Ex: I hope hernan know what he is doing or we are going to be fucked
by BFlorida January 5, 2009
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(n): Member of gay boy band Pink Republicans. Group mascot include Pink Elephant. Is the lead singer and dancer.
My favorite member of the Pink Republicans is Hernan.
by jaime penny October 15, 2006
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A short brown kid who always wears jeans and smells like cheese, might be gay because he plays with rubiks cubes
Hernan a fag.
by ShortGaySoviet March 12, 2021
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