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The boys got in a bit of a tizzy at a local pub and some wanker called a bobby (the bobbies).
by Nina Iris January 19, 2006
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Adj. A shit that lasts for eternity.
"ahh wow, that guy's been on the bog for a while, he much be doing a bobby"
by Bradderslol November 25, 2012
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1) A freshman who loves pirates
2) One who loves ska music.
3) A birthday cake.
4) A hardcore rappa with 'dem guns.
5) Slang for a Nintendo Game Boy Advance
1) "Look...Bobby brought his peg-leg and parrot to school...again."
2) "Look at that Bobby skank! w00t!"
3) "This is some fine Bobby, Mr. Worthington!"
4) "Bobbeh! Bobbeh! I want dem guns, cracka!"
5) "Damn, my Bobby ran out of batteries again!"
by Crazy Chris May 07, 2005
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