An erection. A dick getting hard due to sexual excitement. Hot girls tend to make a guy’s dick all stiffy.
Me: (Watching a Marilyn Monroe documentary film)

My mother: Are you getting all stiffy?
Me: LOL, shut up.
by Excrushman May 4, 2021
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a hand job (jerking off) given by yourself or another person.
my girlfriend/boyfriend gave me a stiffy in the car.
by Chubsalot October 31, 2022
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The arousal of a male through the interference of Supernatural beings
Ghost Blowjob

"Graham got a spirit stiffy from poltergeist molestation."
by The Gapists May 7, 2014
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When you climax, but you still just have enough to keep on the saddle.
After she rode me for 5 minutes and i nutted i had a rodeo stiffy for a while."
by Jymothi November 6, 2021
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