A mistake is me or you. We are all mistakes 😁
Mistake means saying someone has done or is something wrong
"I have made a mistake" -my mom
by Afucking mistake November 9, 2019
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an accident you make,that you automatically regret.you wish you could change things.
by honesthoney November 1, 2018
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An error or fault or deficient knowledge
I made a huge mistake breaking up with my girlfriend Hope.
by Joshua Cunningham April 18, 2005
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The thing some terrible moms/dads say to their child. ):-(

"B-but mom..." "NO!"
by ●Ohmagodabagle● April 14, 2019
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12 year old girl: My mom says that if I look at the mirror in the bathroom I’ll see her mistake that she made 12 years ago

Her friend : umm yk if you look in the mirror it shows your reflection right ?
by HOWDY.HOOKERS December 10, 2019
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