the things that happen when under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Are you goin to Cancun for spring break?
Yeah dog, I'm tryin to make some mistakes

I'm getting so fucked up, I'm gonna make some serious mistakes tonight
by young samuel September 2, 2009
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A song from Demi Lovato's newest album Unbroken.
Now that I'm thinking sober
Don't try and get no closer (example of lyrics of Mistake)
by OneReader November 18, 2011
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Some mistakes are costlier than others
Some mistakes can be repeated
Some mistakes should only be done once
Some mistakes should have never been made,
Because one time would be too many.

The mistake that costs lives
The mistake that forever leaves imprint in their heart and mind.
Those kind of mistakes, should have never been made.

It's Done.
by Time Capsule💊 May 5, 2022
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Absolutely nObodY
Me- "Im a mistake"
by SeNpAi~~~~ August 11, 2019
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Oh, look at that fucking mistake! Hey, it's you!
by cole50 April 11, 2019
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A mis-take, in the play that is life.
Much like an error in a movie production.
I dropped my zig, shit I will try not to do that again, what a mis-take.
Stop cameras, take positions, restart the action. Take it from scratch.

Second chances are all we have.
Even though we sometimes do not want them because its too upsetting to keep acting.
by Hotornot August 3, 2005
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