Person: so what’s your biggest mistake

Jack Paul’s parents: umm...... let’s not take about it
by :):):( November 14, 2018
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You were a mistake made by me and your father, which was supposed to save our relationship. Speaking of your father, he was supposed to bring milk to the house 6 hours ago, where did he go?
by Kerke June 12, 2020
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Vector 2022 was a mistake that makes my eyes bleed
by Bbb23exposed January 31, 2023
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- An error or fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness.

- A misconception or misunderstanding.

- A word people like to throw around when someone they claim to be "friends with" does something they don't agree with or like. A way of belittling someone. A way to try and manipulate people's actions or future actions. Ignorance.

See clannie, plague, tard, sheep, lemming, troll, whoops, opps, WTF.
1) "I made a grave mistake when I ate that Haggis. It looked good, but it tasted like ass."

2) "When I called you "smart", I had no idea you were really such an idiot and a lemming. My mistake."

3) "I have to allow people to make mistakes. It's not my fault they like people who I think SUCK."


"Being friends with Jane Doe is a mistake. But, I won't tell you what to do or how to think."
by NottaFanNEMore December 6, 2004
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A song from Demi Lovato's newest album Unbroken.
Now that I'm thinking sober
Don't try and get no closer (example of lyrics of Mistake)
by OneReader November 18, 2011
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