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The act of making a wrong choice.
I made a mistake. That mistake was forgetting this was a dictionary.
by Marco- August 29, 2020
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A common mistake with most children who mean to say 'mistakenly' or 'by mistake'.
by Eths :) April 10, 2020
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When a man and woman gets married and often find out that the man thinks he knows everything and thinks that he has a degree in every field to ever exist
by Jade.45 February 20, 2020
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by Lioily June 6, 2018
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The occurrence in which human beings are able to turn off their brains. Usually occurs in guys during intercourse in which they shut off their brains to "fuck her right in the pussy."
Dude. What the heck are you doing? Wait did you seriously just make the mistake of not pulling out before you cummed. Now my pussy is flooding with you're cum. I'm going to be pregnant. What the hell man I wanted the taste of that cum so badly.
by MrVade October 9, 2015
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