1) chewing tobacco of the leaf variety. it is actually chewed. kept in side of mouth.
2) chaw varieties include: redman, levi garrett, beech nut, etc.
3) chaw is sometimes added to big league chew to make a delicious combination.
4) if you are talking about fine or long cut tobacco it is called dip not chaw. ex., copenhagen, skoal, grizzly, kodiak, red seal, timberwolf, rooster, etc.
I need a fatty chaw.
Baseball players love chaw.
My chaw is delicious.
Chaw is of the full leaf variety of tobacco not cut.
by Wiz It February 8, 2007
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Chewing tobacco. Copenhagen, Grizzly, skoal, redman.
chaw for the jaw. gotta have a lipper in.
by you know it July 11, 2004
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Another word for Cool, Awesome, Bad, Wrong, Sexy, Ugly. It can be used in almost every context.
"Oh my gosh, look at that chick"
"She's hella chaw"
by jokinjaw February 25, 2012
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A term in the Apache language for shit. The literal term for shit.
I really gotta take a chaw.
by lemuelhill January 24, 2006
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Guy 1: DUDE my Chipotle burrito had so much corn yesterday.
Guy 2: Ew bro, I bet you were layin' that chaw all night.
by bagoshwag April 1, 2010
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Portmanteau of "Charles Shaw," cheap, respectable wine available by the case from Trader Joe's. A way of life for struggling writers, artists, and other poorly-paid individuals with some self-respect.
Also referred to as "two buck chuck," "ChaShaw," or simply "chuck."
In anticipation of a stressful month ahead, Ogilvy took the opportunity to acquire a case of Chaw Shiraz for a cheap, but effective, soporific.
by SanpaSam December 1, 2009
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To attack someone for expressing themselves.
"I brought home some poetry for my parents to read, but the moment I started to recite they began to chaw down on my skills"
by NightLotus November 23, 2008
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