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A rule established by the norms of society about the contact information received by people on the dating scene.

Scenario: A man receives a phone number from a woman in public. If he calls on day one, he will seem desperate. If he calls on day two, he will appear as if his interest is too strong and still desperate. However, if he waits until day three, he appears genuinely interested, and not clingy or needy.
Person 1: I got a girl's number today; should I call her tonight?

Person 2: No, you should give it the three-day rule, man.
by Shifty Eyed Goat June 16, 2004
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Causing something to violently splash against a surface.
My diarrhea caused my shit to splatter all along my leg.
by Shifty Eyed Goat June 18, 2003
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acronym. Too Bad For You. Literally "Too Bad For U"

Also seen as TBFY, 2B4U, and TB4U.
Guy 1: I can't believe it, my girl cheated on me when she was drunk!!
Guy 2: hahaha, TBFU!!
by Shifty Eyed Goat July 19, 2004
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(n.) Someone who practices in the art of illusion and magic to entertain others.

Often believed to also hold special abilities and manipulations through incantations, spells, etc.
Kid 1: My mom hired a magician for my birthday!
Kid 2: Ooh, that should be fun.
by Shifty Eyed Goat July 26, 2004
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(n.) vagina.

See also: bearded clam; cooter; cunt; hair pie; muff; pussy; beaver; vagina; hoohoodilly.
I put my stank down on that bitch's poozle.
by Shifty Eyed Goat June 24, 2003
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phrase. "Shut Up." Commonly used during instant messaging as a shorthand varient to request someone's silence.
IM person 1: Dude, your girlfriend's ass it HOT
IM person 2: You need to s/u man, she's right here
by Shifty Eyed Goat September 11, 2006
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The skills of a man to obtain many lady friends for the sole purpose of copulation.
Aww yeea... check my pimp shit, I slept with four different girls last night.
by Shifty Eyed Goat June 18, 2003
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