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A man who considers the feelings of the people around him and makes them as comfortable as he is able.
I aspire to be a gentleman.
by sdf January 24, 2005

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One of the most awesome people ever to grace television in the history of the medium.

Presbyterian minister who married his college sweetheart for 50 years.
Mister Rogers is a true gentleman. The realization of class.
by sdf January 24, 2005

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a way of sayin butt sex
by sdf June 01, 2003

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the most disliked person in the hole world, i normaly calls persons i hate kryptix.
idiot, dumpass, shemale.
"run run, the idiotic shemale is coming"
by sdf July 31, 2004

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nipples exceeding size of average ones, likely the size of a frizbee due to constant sitting and snacking
ewww smeighs got fribby nippys!!
by sdf March 16, 2003

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a person really bad at humping
Matt is a rhumper
by sdf December 08, 2003

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