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A boring town 16 miles west of Boston known for its "semi-rural character" and for the fact that they never cancel school when it snows...ever. Now more exciting than ever, it boasts a Dunkin' Donuts, two good pizza joints and a Starbucks. Woohoo.
Wayland is so boring, it makes Natick look like Las Vegas.
by MikeLikesIt August 17, 2006
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A town a few miles from Boston that is known it's legendary swim, soccer, and football teams. It is also known for it's tendency to never cancel any fucking school.
And finally Wayland is known for it's separation of north (Rich) and south (middle class) of the town.
Sudbury person: haha snow day bitches!
Wayland person: You lucky little prick!
by csm1106 January 03, 2015
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Wayland is a town full of dick heads. Kids are ass holes, parents act like they're still in middle school, and live their dreams through their children. Anyone who likes Wayland needs to rethink all their life decisions and get serious help with a therapist. Let's just say everyone needs to get the stick that is wedged so, so, so far up there out of their ass.
Wayland is so awful, it makes anal seem fun.
by iwokeupinchodemode March 17, 2017
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Medium/ small town a bit west of Boston kinda boring but the people who live there are pretty cool especially compared to the assholes who live in Weston and Sudbury. Wayland is divided into two parts the rich people live in the Old Sudbury part of town in the north and the poor people live in the Cochituate part on the south side near Natick.
Sudbury Kid: I can't believe I didn't get an Audi for my 16th birthday
Weston Kid: You think thats bad my parents reduced my allowance to $10,000 a week
Wayland Kid: You guys are fucking stupid
by antipopculture March 10, 2011
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A small town, yet many large things are in it. Definitly one of the coolest towns in the universe. They are beast at sports, and kick everyone's butt, especially weston. Good educational system, which is why everyone gets into their first choice college, usually an ivy league school.The girls are HOTT and GORGEOUS, so are most of the guys.Everyone is the biggest goof, and that's why they are so loveable. They could make anyone laugh.
If you see someone from wayland, grab them and a bed.
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to happen upon free goods, offer some to a friend, and then expect that friend to pay you back in full all while insulting you.
" He offered me a few beers that were left over from a party last week, and then as I was leaving he said I owed him a six-pack! I cant believe that Wayland"
by M Mesa March 09, 2007
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