A game in which you sit on your seat (best done with one with wheels) and using a belt, rope or any object with considerable length and throwing it to the next person of the same sex and reeling them in. Object of the game is to reel them in as quickly as possible without the teacher/boss realising they are on the other side of the classroom/office.
Janie "Oy Alan you want a game of Gay Fishing?"
Alan "Sure!"
by scotiafarmer December 19, 2010
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Kanye West and his gang of aquatic homies
"whatever you say you little gay fish"
- Kanye's Mom (also a fish)
by summer_ass_cheese August 11, 2022
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A gay fish is not Kanye West. Nothing gay is ever Kanye West as I and many others would be completely offended and would need to resign from the gay community if anything gay was...him.
Person A: Kanye West is such a gay fish
Person B: don’t insult the gays by using his name in the same sentence, man. Now I need to give up my gay
by GayFishFucker February 8, 2021
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a person that sucks on so many different levels, it's just plain old ridiculous. :)
Bano Collado, you're such a gay fish! Get off myspace and back in the tent!
by methbear:) July 3, 2009
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Kanye West is a gay fish. A man who kisses male fish then rapes them. CHECK OUT THE SONG Kanye gay fish-south park
“And I know that I’m a gay fish” -Kanye West
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Girl: "He just left me for that whore in our spanish class!"
Friend: "What a gay fish."
by NoSuchThingAsAName August 29, 2008
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