A Hoe , A Bitch who is messing with other people men when she got her own
she Keeps messing with my man when she has her own, she’s such a garden tool.
by The defines March 11, 2018
Man these garden tools lame as fuck bro. Jaree Don't got no garden tools he just got Nina.
by Diverse Shadow January 28, 2016
a dirty untidy person; someone who leads you to believe something that is not true.

syn. prostitute, harlow, tramp, deceiver
by TYJE September 8, 2010
the H word,ya mama if she have 3 or more baby daddys
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
Person a: Lowkey shes a gardening tool
Person b: exactly like such a hoe
by PrincessPom January 14, 2021
A person, often socially ignorant, who is oblivious to being taken advantage of while in the garden.
Mabel: Go ahead and dig up all those turnips you want, Elmer. The worms will just eat em all if you dont.

Hank: Damn mabel, quit being such a garden tool! He's just gonna go out and sell em like you ought to be doing!
by Super Gerbil October 22, 2004