A word that means anything you want it to mean
Me: dude let's go blizz
Me: I'm so Blizz right now
by YaGAAAA January 1, 2017
Slang for a blunt. If you don't know a blunt a healthy amount of reefer rolled up in a cigar leaf, preferably a Dutchmaster of Backwood

Also the nickaname of my math teacher, Mr. BLizz
Let's go smoke a blizz

Hey Mr. Blizz, how do I take the intergral of this differential equation?
by Mack Smartin April 16, 2004
To release a product that is flawed having various aspects of said product or service be completely unusable even though it is for sale on the market or considered completed. Additionally, to provide substandard customer service in effect ignoring the issue(s) when a customer reports them.
Man they really Blizzed up that Obama care ... or ... I called my cell phone company because I don't get reception and they totally Blizzed out and hung up on me.
by jdiggidy October 6, 2012
Yeah you got it right a blizz is a rolled up blunt with weed. Can be any blunt dutches, back woods whatevers your pleasure
Spark sumptin, blaze that blizz up
by Peachez June 9, 2004
When one person packs cocaine into their anus and breaks wind to propel it into someone else's nostrils. This term originates from the expelled white powder being analogous to a blizzard.
Blizzing is Phoebe's favorite way to consume cocaine.

Curly blizzed Gerald, farting the coke into the other boy's eager sinuses.
by Hillwood August 18, 2017
adj. - a euphoric feeling from an illegal or illicit substance, usually marijuana
We was gettin' blizzed last night, cuz!
by Cool Aaron October 29, 2007
(n,v) Any and all weed-related transaction/commerce or smokery; the act of rolling a blunt.
1)I'm tired of these pussy Smirnoffs, let's get down to blizzness.
2)Mind your own fucking blizzness bro, you always ask me for hits and I hate juggalos cause you don't wash your hair and you all look like a bunch of serial rapists whose only social skills consist of saying 'whoop whoop' to an occasional weakling. Fuck Insane Clown in their gaping herpfested Posse.
3)That was some serious blizzness last night man. I can't even look my wife in the eyes. Not because my eyes are still red but because I think I smoked myself gay.
4)Pleasure doing blizzness with you good sir! I'm gonna have that grandaddy purp next week. Not like yo nigga ass can afford it, but hey, niggas will be niggas nahmeen?
5)Let me call you back real quick Mom, I'm kinda in the middle of some blizzness right now and can't think straight.
by Frosty Da Broman May 22, 2011