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Zuhair is a hot guy with amazing taste in music. He is also very smart and equally funny. He no cap is the most amazing guy a girl will ever have and should be chased after if you ever get the chance.
Wow that guy is such a Zuhair.
by Alėx April 23, 2019
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Zuhair is basically a name and its meaning is: Blossoming.
Zuhair (zhīr`), fl. 6th cent., Arab poet. Zuhair is often considered the greatest writer of Arabic poetry in pre-Islamic times. His work is represented in the Muallaqat. Zuhair's poems deal with raids and other subjects of nomadic desert life. There are several European translations of his works.
by A Corrector October 10, 2012
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He's understanding in others feeling and deserved to be loved.. but sometimes ego..he's loving to someone but too ego to say it..And surely the girl is not his batchmate or schoolmate..the name of the girl may start with M and end up with A..surely they will meet for several years more ..
"Zuhair is cute" but actually the people only joking with him.. only his lover will say it honestly..
by Spring tail April 22, 2018
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A goddamn hot sex lord who blinds people with his muscular and manly physique. Usually has a flock of women and at times chasing after him at any given time
Oh my god man you're a zuhair because you're so hot
by saxlord July 14, 2017
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yoo your zuhair is tinyyyyy i cant even see it!

im gonna kick you in the zuhair
by um September 23, 2004
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