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Something you say when that one guy shows up to your group.
by Sub-Zero Ftw May 12, 2010
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Someone who is a big nerd who plays video games, mainly during parties. Or just a nerd.

verb; zuding = in the act of being a zude
Jerm: "OMFG!, were all trying to play beer pong. but bass is trying to play WOW. what a fuckin' zude..."

Jerm: "this is such a kick ass party"
Bass: "OMG guys i have uber micro, and my lvl 60 mage just got an epic piece of his set"

Bass: "Guys, ill be up here in my room running UBRS while everyone else is downstairs having a good time partying"
Jerm: "O.K. fuckin' zude..."

Jerm: "Yo Bass, you tryin to goto Stoner's party?"
Bass: "My guild is about to run MC"
Jerm: "Fuck MC... theres guna be lots of beer and naked girls"
Bass: "If i keep running MC all night i might accumulate enought DKP to get a good staff for my lvl 60 mage. You guys go on ahead without me"
Jerm: "God damn you're such a fuckin' zude"

*Bass is on the computer the whole night*
Stoner: "Wheres Bass?"
Jerm: "He's in his room zudin' it up"
Stoner: "What a fuckn' zude..."

*you see a car full of nerds*
Jerm: "Zudes in a car!"
Stoner: "Zudes on the loose!"
Chube: "Zude patrol!"
by The Stoner November 08, 2005
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other forms include "zood" "zewd" and "z00d". A term for one who infatuates himself with video games or computers in general even while other more socially involved events are occuring.
Alex: Yo stoner you there?
Stoner: Away message: WOWIN IT UP
Alex: Goddam zude I wanted to get drunk

Stoner: Tim you want to take a walk?
Tim: Let me get like 3 more deaths, I just headshotted like 4 people with my deagle
Stoner: Fucking zude.
by NickFury January 17, 2006
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