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The bait used to coax a hamster down a cardboard tube and into one's colon.
Ryan found he had no difficulty in introducing the hamster once Dom convinced him to use potato chips as chube.
by WookieFiyo February 03, 2017
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Pubes that are longer than your dick.
Cindy wanted to fuck John, but she couldn't see his dick through the chube forest.
by Tryshavingho March 25, 2006
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Hair upon the chin that resembles pubes. Typically this occurs when the wearer is incapable of growing said hair any longer or thicker, such as one would with a traditional beard.

Chubes are typically present on males having difficulty growing hair in that region, but refuse to shave it off in false hopes that it still looks good. On rare occasions they can also be found on the female species.
Gary: "He told me not to shave off my beard, and instead use playoff beard as an excuse."

B: "That's no beard, let alone a playoff beard! Those are chubes!"
by Einsam May 19, 2009
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Hairy man chest hair. A cross between chest hair and pubes. Also known as Ol' Dads hamburger meat.
"Ol' Dad was getting his chubes groped by a cougar."
"Steve's chubes were not as amazonic as Ol' Dad's."
by tdub05 July 06, 2009
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Chest Pube

Pronounced: chyōō'b
After the bar tender swiped my credit card between her breasts, she handed it back to me and it had a chube on it.
by Bourbonnais McDaniel August 31, 2009
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Chewbacca's pubes - all his hair really. There's really no clear transition between hair on his head and the hair on his feet.
Han Solo discovered Chubes on the Falcon's toilet seat.
by MF&SD November 26, 2010
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