a popular cover of 24kGoldn's "Mood" by DZZZ.
- 1! 5! Brother out here rappin' for ya!
- L! T! C! LTDZ!
- I've been listening to "Zood" all weekend.
- While you're listening to music, Shin Jin-seo is playing chess.
by NotVeryJoe July 6, 2022
Zood is “dude” but with a z. It’s trademarked by me and Ana.
heyy zood”
“is it Bc I’m meximalan/Bengali?!”
by Ri_gargantuan September 4, 2021
Another way of saying dude. Sounds like dude but said in a deep voice with a "Z" sound in front. Saying it unconsciously makes you look like a dumbass. Usually said in a sarcastic way to mock someone.

Also can be used as a filler, much like dude.
J: My dog died.
A: Zood.
J: Is that it you idiot?

(Girl walks by)
B: Zood she's smokin zood would you hit that zood?

N: yea yuh

B:Zood front and back zood?

N: mm-hmm
by Nadsafs March 30, 2009
bryce word for dude. Used before and after each stupid ass sentence recited by the thing.
"zood, chick in the pink is smokin' zood.
zood, are you gay zood?
zood you know I'm not gay zood.
zood I'm druuunk zood.
zood I'd fluff that pillow zood!
zood front and back zood?
zood stand up zood!"

what up zoOoOood?

Mazda commericial:
zood zood zood, yeah zood zood zood! yeah zood zood zood!
by Jubbard "Jailbird" Jubbard October 23, 2008
Zood is a slang term for drunk or drunkenness which includes:

# aled up (mainly North UK)
# ankled (mainly Bristol)
# arse over tit
# lubricated
# Yoopered (Lower Peninsula of Michigan slang)
# zonked **
# zooted
# zood
Person 1) What I think about a truffle is that It's a tuber, not a mushroom, "zood".

Person 2) No, a truffle is not a tuber like a potato is a tuber. It is a member of the fungal genus Tuber. Two different things. "Zood."
by Roosevelt Coopling August 15, 2008
being extremely blazed/stoned/fucked up by way of the marijuana pot.
Dude, I am so fucking zooded.
man i smoked a blunt and im super zooded
by brianstopoulos November 1, 2007