Synonymous with fuck because Jeff Zucker at NBC is the dumbest motherfucker in television.
That dumb motherzucker tried to bump Conan's Tonight Show to 12:05. What the Zuck?
by Randrage January 14, 2010
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(v) the act of building up something, which later becomes a massive letdown
Buying Facebook stock totally zucked!

Jim fixed me up with a hot chick, then did her the next morning, which is why Jim zucks!

John spent the day zucking everyone out of their life savings, with that ponzi scheme.
by SammyG63 May 30, 2012
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The action of a woman giving a man a nice, wet, sloppy blow job to the point were the man ejaculates so god damn hard that his semen squirts out the tip of his dick harder than water out of a firetruck hose, like seriously he has to cum that hard fellas, so because of that, the cum not only gets lodged into the woman's throat, but also gets all over the woman's face, especially around the lips. And after he is finished ejaculating; and the cum is all over the woman's face and all inside her mouth, she tries to say "Oh fuck that was good", but instead it sounds like "oh zuck that was good" hens the word Zuck.
*woman gives man a blow job, and the man just finished ejaculating like a firetruck hose*

woman: "Fuck your dick is so nice" (fuck sounded like she was saying zuck)
man: "now thats what I call a nice zuck ;)"
by HypeBe4st June 09, 2018
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The action of not leaving a tip for services rendered.

Synonymous with the word "stiff," the word "zuck" is most appropriately used in situations where the tipper has more than necessary means to express gratuity but fails to do so. Inspired by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg's infamous honeymoon meal in Italy where he failed to leave a tip.
Waiter 1: I just waited on Mark Zuckerberg and he didn't tip me anything!

Waiter 2: Yeah, bud - you just got zucked.
by Fiosh June 03, 2012
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An internet term for IDIOT. Also, rhymes with buck, cuck, duck, f^ck, guck, huck, muck, puck, suck, stuck and yuck
Joe: What do you think of Mark ?
Ben: That dude is a ZUCK
Joe: You got that right, brah !
by Coma-doof warrior May 25, 2017
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To do anal with one of the female gender.
We thought schnitzing was for babies so we took it up a notch and zucked.
by King Snitz August 27, 2018
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