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What the zuck!? means: Dismay at already having already agreed to allow my data to be collected and my privacy to be violated withunforeseeable ramifications.

I have been zucked! Descriptive verb reference to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook Socially acceptable variation on an over-used swear word. Means: There's very little I can do about being taken advantage of, because the supposed "features" provided for me to control or mitigate what I already agreed to be bound by are ineffective and/or non-existent.
zucking, means: cautionary exclamation ; (a reference to Mark Zuckerberg,) used in order to remind people how often they are taken advantage of without recourse and to be mindful of what they say, post and do online.
MotherZucker: means: derogatory nickname for someone who is in the act of violating your privacy.

Zuckbook: a friendly reminder how Facebook violates privacy and data-mines all actions, whether you've ever been a member or not.
by An8elic May 12, 2018

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