The act of raiding a Zoom call, usually on school related calls by posting pornography or otherwise offensive content.
I was a victim of Zoombombing

Damn, did they show porn and shit

Yeah :(
by MannerFIN March 26, 2020
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An online, viral act in which people, like hackers and YouTubers, hack into Zoom sessions for the sole purpose of showing everyone else in the calls/sessions shocking porn, gore images/videos, and generally disturbing and offensive content via Zoom's screen-broadcasting and webcam features.

It's only recently become an issue because of how many kids and workers are at home due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of so many new users flooding the platform and the media giving it tons of attention, trolls, hackers, and other kinds of people have decided to strike while the iron's hot, so to speak, and hack into people's Zoom sessions for no other reason than entertaining themselves.
Timmy: Holy shit Simon! You'll never guess what just happened in my last Zoom session!
Simon: Dude, what happened? Spill the beans.
Timmy: So, my English teacher was holding a Zoom session between her, my other classmates, and me, but suddenly, some weird dude hopped into the session!
Simon: Then what happened?
Timmy: He turned on his screen-broadcasting feature and began playing videos of guys fucking dogs!
Simon: Wow, why would any sane person think about showing bestiality videos to children?
Timmy: There's some really fucked-up people in this world, huh?
Simon: That includes people who like zoombombing, right?
by JoJo's Weird Journey April 5, 2020
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An online freedom fighter that uses the courage of supporters to fight against the evil TYRANNY of Zoom classes via liberty speech, direct confrontation, freedom videos (porn), and classy music.
Person A: ong that one kid is so annoying since I bow down to cyber-slavery on Zoom.
Person B: no, they're a Zoombomber!
by not_a_tyrant September 12, 2020
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A method of trolling in which the ZoomBomber uses Zoom’s video conferencing App screensharing feature to interrupt an online meeting with the most shocking and disturbing videos they can find, and often mix together in a potpourri violent, pornographic, wtf fetish mixture of multiple revolting images that can leave a lasting impression on the meeting goers.
If the images of the ZoomBombing were not bad enough , the images of projectile vomit on the screens of those at the video conference were even worse and much grosser.
by mlhiss March 22, 2020
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When someone crashes your zoom call and shows dick pics, acts stupid, or plays porn until your teacher kicks them out.

Alternatively known as the highlight of your entire week.
Hey, let's go photobomb Kya's and her friends' pictures.
No, we're social distancing now. You can't even see people outside taking photos. She has English third period though, you could zoombomb her class.
Great idea, I'll show them all my dick pic.
Yeah man, you'll definitely get her with that.
by coleel May 22, 2020
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Describes a virtual meeting or online event that is protected from zoom-bombing or other forms of intrusion.
We need to make sure our virtual conference is zoombomb-proof, we can't afford any disruptions.
by UltraSmartGuy April 25, 2023
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