A way used by most schools to continue class during moments of quarantine, usually a period of time to ease of an either jerk off or watch YouTube
Person 1:Hey wyd
Person 2:Zoom Classes I’m bored
by Alikoy May 4, 2020
What your school does for quarantine school. It makes you addicted to your phone and computer. It also drives your teachers crazy because no one unmutes. Also, you don't learn half the stuff you're supposed to. Also, it makes everyone develop intense social anxiety. So basically, your average school thing.
Kid 1: hey, I think I'm in your spanish class
Kid 2: yeah, same period too? Cool, see you in zoom class!
Kid 1: omfg I don't want to unmute what if people think my voice sounds weird??
Kid 2: aaaaaaaaaa mee toooooo! Zoom classes suckkkkkkkk
Both: just text the entire rest of the class and don't say anything (or learn anything
by that band/drama/nerd/crazy kid November 8, 2020
Ah... good old zoom class. Audio cutting out, getting booted from the meeting, and watching YouTube an scrolling through tik tok while you are supposed to be writing that 5 page essay on- wait- what was it on again? ah- doesn't matter it can just blame it on internet problems!
Hey, its 7am... time for Zoom class! or I can come in late and say it was my internet....
by RandomCrazyWeirdo February 10, 2021
"Hi.. class... did you see i put a bird in my house? I-I-I---..."
"What happened to Ms. Crabtree?"
"...-times 8 equals?"
"Ms Crabtree i think you forgot to share your screen."
"Argh the plug ins won't work all these gadgets now a days."
"And thats why we should still be ruling the worl---l-l..."
"So Ms. Crabtree why didn't we get a homework assignment?-"
"Young MAN!! why didnt you show me the homework assignment you will be getting an F minus minus for this."
"But Ms--"
--The zoom class ended.-
"zoom class is like prison"
"yea prison that disconnects every 4 seconds lol"
by scarful23 November 17, 2020