Where the class of 2020 is graduating from at this point
"Dude, where did you go to college?"
"I graduated from Zoom University, class of 2020!"
by dummythicc69 March 23, 2020
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Refers to the online school system that started during COVID-19, which mostly took place on the Zoom video conferencing platform.
I can't wait til this zoom university shit is over!
by Noemi Sea June 5, 2020
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Because of the COVID pandemic in 2020, all schools switched over to a business meeting app called "Zoom" to teach. Note that the app also lets you turn off your camera, microphone, and 90% of the time the teacher doesn't give a shit what you're doing anyways. This was CLEARLY a great idea.
Grandma: How was school, sonny?
Graduate: I'm glad I learned nothing this year on Zoom University!
by I'm better off Dead September 14, 2020
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When most, if not all, of your classes take place online while predominantly relying on the video conferencing platform Zoom. We can all thank Covid-19 for this mess.
“Dude I barely learn anything with online classes and half of my professors don’t even know what they’re doing. Zoom University is a joke.”

“Agreed. If I knew all of my classes would be forced to go online again at the last minute I would’ve stayed home this fall. I’m tired of this Zoom University shit and can’t wait for everything to be normal again.”
by I like cheez-it September 16, 2020
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