Shortened name for Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty 5. Usually shouted out when there's just too many of them.
Oh my GOD... It's a zomb!!! The zomb is crawling at like a billion miles an hour! The zombs are coming after me!
by ILoveZombs June 07, 2009
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Related to dating. A person who cuts off all contact but then repeatedly comes back after long absences. Different from someone who ghosts and never returns, a zombie pops up and says hi every few months.
We went out for three months and then I ever heard from her again. Two months later she texts me as if nothing happened. I think she's zombing me.
by Stopher2475 November 26, 2016
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You are so fucked up from drinking, smoking, or pill ingesting that your are still alive but in dead state of mind
by avolpe April 02, 2008
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a person who emulates the actions of a mute and will-less dead person in many or all aspects of their life.
"My boy, Shoobie, knew that chick was a total zomb, since she had been blazing all night."
by Anthony Vine January 07, 2008
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Zombe it’s an amazing game for handsome boys. Everybody wants to be a part of it but it’s for elites only.
Rules: One of the players it’s zomba (zombie) and if he catches you, you become zomba too. The first guy to be a zomba if you like it or not has to be Matic. It needs to involve a lot of screaming.
A: Hey guys do you want to play zombe??
Everyone: yess of course!!
B: Mato is zombaa!
by Omgomgomgmgmgkdkska November 10, 2020
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An exclamation, alternative to zomg
credit: techfury90
ZOMB Steve Jobs is coming to my school today!
by hexstar November 05, 2007
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