Game made by Treyarch set in the WWII in the Pacific Ocean. You are either a U.S. soldier who fights the Japanese or a Russian soldier who fights the Germans. A must for any CoD fan.
Treyarch actually did good this time and presented this kick ass game called Call of Duty 5!
by FireHeart18500 December 7, 2008
When a person calls the name WRONG. It is also used when a person is too lazy to spell it Call of Duty: World at War
Person 1- Dude you play Call of Duty 5 yet?

Person 2- You mean Call of Duty: World at War right?

Person 1- Same thing dude.
by Steel Dragon January 5, 2009
Nonexistent game which people keep mistaking for Call of Duty: World at War.

If anything, Modern Warfare 2 should be named Call of Duty 5, but Infinity Ward decided not to name it that, it's Modern Warfare 2 instead. Therefore, Call of Duty 5 isn't applicable to Modern Warfare to either.

SO, there is no such thing as Call of Duty 5.
Gary: Hey John, wanna pwn some noobs on Call of Duty 5?

John: For the last frickin' time, Gary, there's no such thing as Call of Duty 5!!! It's World at War, or WAW.

Gary: COD5 IS World at War, and who says WAW anyway? Sounds retarded.

John: It's short for WAW, better than saying 5, because THAT's even more retarded. Now just for that, no I will not play WAW with you. Go away.


Brandon: Hey Marcus, I'm buying COD5 soon.

Marcus: OMG, what is wrong with people?! There's no such thing as Call of Duty 5! WAW isn't 5!!!!!

Brandon: Who said anything about WAW? I'm talking about Call of Duty 5: Modern Warfare 2!!!

Marcus: What?! Oh lord, just get away from me!!!
by Frostbite249 October 29, 2009
The exact same as Call of Duty 4, except your weapons downgrade to WWII weapons and the maps are different.
Jack: Dude, Call of Duty 5 is like the exact same as Call of Duty 4!

Geoff: I know but we get shittier weapons on bigger maps!
by Critic AIEEEEE November 14, 2008
A game coming out christmas of o8 and it will be the greatest game ever

Call of duy 5 World at war

Going back to the WWII theme it is set in he south pacific portion of world war two a battle fought on a small island named Iwo Jima
all i do is pwn call of duty 5.
by ~~~~~Mike oxbig~~~~~~ June 29, 2008
Call of Duty 5 is not call of duty world at war. This is a common mistake by people that have played call of duty 4: modern warfare. If you were a true cod (Callof Duty) fan you would know that there are much more then just 5 games and that after 4 the next wouldn't always be 5.
Call of Duty 5 is rumored to be Call of Duty 5: Modern Warfare 2. This information however was given from mtv . I highly doubt that Activision would give this information to mtv and not release this information to show like G4 but i could see why they would with the masses watching mtv they would get lots of hype for the game. For now we hardcore gamers must sit on our hands and wait and see what the next cod game will be.
-have you played call of duty 5 yet!


-Why not! It's so fun.

-Mabey ill play it when it exists.
by johndabadass February 16, 2009