Zombie is a kind of person that is dead but still moving. There is one way of knowing how to get it, You can get it from your cat, which is so surprising!! Anyway the brain is dead, that happens to many people when they are a zombie, And they are very violent to humans.

They infect human bodies. You can get zombie infected also by staying up and no sleep FOR A WEEK!
by AveryTheWolf August 26, 2018
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A dead, hungry cannibal that has forgot how to die.
This one zombie tried to bite me. So i shot him.
by fixo March 06, 2019
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A person who is a bluff, or faked out on the event that was supposed to take place but either never joined in, or never showed up in the first place.

A person who has very strict parents and is never allowed to do anything with their lives until they become a certain age.
Alicia- I think i'll ask a Alexa to come to my party this weekend.
Greg- Dont bother, her parents wouldnt dare let her... She's such a zombie anyway.
by LexiLove<333 May 05, 2011
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A slang term used by some to denote people or individuals with apparent lack of emotion, morality, empathy and planning, usually beating each other over the head for toilet paper. A highly derogatory term.

The recent occurrence of zombie movies focuses heavily on the problems that irrational, unplanned and volatile individuals have on society, and hense where the modern term comes from.

The term denotes a class division and tension between the two that stems from two defined world orders.

1st: That of the Democratic value of utilitarianism and individual right to govern through elected responsibilities.

2nd: Advent of business wealth and organisation structures as the new influencer of human behaviour.

Currently in it's infant stages as mockery and disbelief at the seemingly irrational behaviours of normal people in group situations.

Cure: Enjoying the pleasures of your own oppertunities. Zen, zoga, planning, cooperation, lateral thinking, bad situational avoidence. Individual persuits of happiness. 'Brains' thinking for your self. Dezombifying through 1.5m social distancing, home issolation and accumulating food stocks to out last zombie state.

'go' zombie
Stay away from the super market those zombies are mascring everything in site, spreading their coronavirus germs everywhere and hording all the toilet paper.

Don't be such a zombie, leave some rolls on the shelf for the next zombie.

That guys a zombie, all he likes doing is hanging around all day, eating, moping, not helping in anyway. He's only knows other zombies, and if shit hit the fan he'd probably eat your face. What a zombie!
by m . March 30, 2020
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