To be insanely awesome at everything and for everyone, have a big ego for it, and be physically or verbally slick (basically, to be a boss man)

Origin: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of the greatest footballers of all time and this generation and one of the hardest, baddest men you've ever seen since Roy Keane
That guy's a true Zlatan. He's well good

Girl: Wow, look at him. Such a Zlatan. Well fit

You're a Zlatan. You're well hard.
by United Ace September 9, 2016
Person 1: “I pray to god
God: “I pray to Zlatan”
by Alecnik April 1, 2018
Zlatan is a legend among men. A blessing on the Earth. When in the company of Zlatan, one can feel like they have achieved enlightenment.
Normie: "I pray to god"
God: "I pray to Zlatan"
by jojosbizarredefinitions November 25, 2020
To deceive one in a cunny and clever way
by 9ja ninja August 15, 2019
Verb that refers to being fucking awesome at everything you do.
Damn, he's scored three goals already? He's on fire! He's zlataning!
by Le Marrane April 23, 2013
past participle of zlatan:


Having been defeated and/or outperformed
"I knew when I was zlataned"
To be overwhelmed, immobilized, or experience an inability to perform.
"He struggled: it was clear that he was zlataned."

synonyms: battered, petrified, traumatized

They've just been zlataned!
by jettison6677 August 6, 2018
The nice guy down the street. Acts simple minded, but is actually pretty smart. Party animal at time, and other times quiet and a romantic.
Zach: "Hey Tim, wanna go to a party tonight?"
Tim: "Heck yeah. Party like it's 1969!"
Zach: "Dude, you're such a zlatan"

Lily: "He introduced himself to me, and he was so sweety and nice. He's such a romantic"
Sarah: "He sounds like a real zlatan. You're so lucky"
by Thatoneguy23 August 12, 2010