Zin is a legend. A real OG. A person with a name of Greek origin, Zin is someone that can literally do everything, adapt to any situation and get along with everyone. A very likeable person who will most likely be remembered by anyone who has ever crossed paths with them.
I know that guy from somewhere! Who is he again?
He's the one, the only, the legend! ZIN!
by Mister Urban December 10, 2019
someone who loves butterflies, cupcakes, Faces, decorating, singing, Walking on Water, bows, all colors, and most importantly Jesus.
by Zinnyface May 30, 2011
Abbreviation for buzzing, when a person is happy with a situation.
by A.P.Cairns November 17, 2011
A fortnite player signed to APA esports aspiring to join the coveted NRG Team. He’s funny as shit and he pretty fucking cool. He also likes to jerk off. Use code Shamefulll in the fortnite shop!
Yo is that a zin? Yeah he a fucking esport player bruh! Sick!
by RSKillerz June 14, 2019
Pro kid, Olimjerpa. Hr in Kavras Kingdom KC in PMEBGE. (He is very sussy)
Sasha50701: Oo hi Zinful
Zinful: hi sussy
Sasha50701: sus
by Sasha50701 December 24, 2021
means nothing... created at whrhs
"i really did"
"yea zins"
by mr h March 14, 2005
To get zinned is to be given a test/quiz in school that is too hard to pass. This word can also be conjugated to "zinn" where you are about to fail your test.
Dude, were about to get zinned on this math test, theres NO WAY anybody is passing!

Damn im going to zinn that test so badly!
by just dwai March 18, 2010