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A hip, cool person from Africa that has a mission in life to start the dancefloor.
A: Who is that that just walked in the door? The party just went crazy for them!
B: Oh, it is a Zilke. It happens everytime.
by LizaMinelli October 06, 2010
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A perverted teacher who has had kids with at least four different females.

Queer. Don't let him in the changerooms.
Teacher 1: Girls you should go into the other changerooms
Student girls: Why?
Teacher 1: Zilke saw a leg or something.
Girls in distress: Why was he looking!?
by meMyselfandyou June 17, 2009
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Zilke is a cute and kind girl she wil always help others in need.You will wish for a friend like Zilke.She is one of a kind.She put a smile on everyone's faces when she walk by.She is a loyal,generous, beautiful person.
A:Hey who's that
B:Oh that's zilke.
A:She is so cute
B:I know right
by Wavy Queen.... March 27, 2019
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