A zebra that's more black than white
Charlie: So are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
Jessica: I don't know, but where's the white on that one?
Charlie: I don't know, it must be a zigger.
by uniPORN February 07, 2009
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Originating from the My Little Pony fandom, zigger is a derogatory word used against zebras from the show My Little Pony. Zigger can also be used against zebra apologists.
I heard someone defend zebras, he's such a zigger!
by Halberdier June 24, 2019
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a deragatory term for a person who is half black and half white
"She is a zigger , her mother is Caucasion and her father is African American"
by anonymouswer March 20, 2009
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one of no african descent, who chooses to apply ghetto traits as well as zombie traits to make up there own self identity. usually one who possesses these traits will take their internal aggressio and release it upon the online communities
wow, super admin jon from firewall really shaved his teeth to fangs to match the cornrolls. he is full blown zigger
by -=FW=- casian May 30, 2013
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