1.-Rayrey: "Last time you seen Fontello?"
2.-Junebug: "Damn man, where the hell you been? Fontello got Zeroed two years ago! Say he was banging some skank and her husband caught 'em! Husband got a little bent and Zeroed your boy!"
by talk2me-JCH2 April 23, 2022
When you are talking with a friend online and you want to watch a video together. You both go to zero minutes zero seconds, so the time reads 0:00. Then you count down and press play after go (not on go). If you press play on go your reactions will be a second ahead and you'll ruin the illusion.
A: "Hey zero zero zero this movie with me."
B: "Dude you always pick the worst movies. Let's zero zero zero something I pick this time."
by TaylorTheInhaler October 20, 2015
The point on the map where the equator meets the prime meridian. It's like in the Atlantic ocean off the eastern coast of Africa
"Hey Jude, have you ever been to zero zero?!"
by Jesus Christ $uperstar July 2, 2018
When you smoke something in public and you can't let anyone see it so you hold it in your lungs long enough that when you blow out there is no smoke
I hit that pen so hard and my mom walked in my room but it was all good because I can zero it really well
by grove40 February 15, 2018
When you're smoking weed and you take a hit and you hold in 100% of the smoke from the inhale, exhaling *zero* smoke from the hit. Done in order to get maximum effect from the weed. Requires great skill and is worthy of respect from other smokers.
"Yo I was ripping a B with Joey Fatone the other day and he was totally zeroing every time ... insane!"
by Ol' Prospector October 19, 2009