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a kick ass boy bander who weighs more than a small whale. use to have a sucky voice but now it's awesome cus he brushed up his skills in "little shop of horrors" He's goin bald and will be the dead of nsync.
" joey fatone is so fat i can't stand it."
by mandy August 05, 2004
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Member of pop group NSYNC. Commonly defined as "the fat one", "the Italian one", and "the straight one". Experienced actor, appearing in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and on Broadway in RENT and Little Shop of Horrors. Married with a small daughter. Tied with Chris Kirkpatrick for the most "normal" member of the group.
"My name is Joey Fatone. You killed my bandmates. Prepare to die."
- Robot Chicken, episode 1.12, "S&M Present"
by Rainee Sue April 21, 2005
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