The act of expression, typically through art.
The zene in this music is amazing, I can connect with and feel exactly what the artist is expressing.
by itsZene June 30, 2020
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a nice generous person who often sister slays and cares about his friends and family
talk to zene he will tell you
by Dylan Cooper December 23, 2018
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To be one with the world around you. While in this state of being everything works out for you and enjoyable things spontaneously show up in your experience.

It feels like you are flowing with nature and on a path of goodness.
Marie was completely zening today! Good songs kept playing around her and everything just seemed to work out.
by rmart February 19, 2011
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v. The act of smoking and consuming weed (the marijuana), drinking a decent to large quantity of alcohol (relative to the size of the persons consuming), and digesting two Adderall in the span of 2 hours. One may smoke or consume more marijuana to retain a high.

This act is mostly done at teenage parties and during school events. The effect slowly dies off over 15 hours.
Tyler: " Last night was crazy brah."
Michael: " Not shit, everyone was Zening like no there."
Tyler: " Crazy shit dude."
by Lamptree June 20, 2010
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Edrion Zeneli is a meme in some cities in southern Albania.People call you Edrion Zeneli when you are obsessed with Geography or History, so when you are a nerd.
Go out and get some son mate you are becoming a Edrion Zeneli
by Palacoja🤡 December 03, 2020
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Tangled up in the beauty of something or someone. A lost sense of awareness. Just breathing, but nothing else. Lost in a feeling, emotion. Almost like love.
"I was just staring at your picture, and I totally zened out."
by The Schizo May 31, 2005
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A Zeneli is an albanian type wich loves to have sex. He makes the womans day by just getting it on, he's a real sex-god. And he never cheats, hes the most loyal on you can get!
From the girls perspective it's just that their really freaking horny.
Girl - Is his lastname Zeneli?

Girl 2 - It better be, because he's hot!
by Liam Nilse December 12, 2016
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