To be fucked by a cock that either exceeds or is equal to a flacid length of 13 inches. Famously named after Zeke Baylor, a secondary character in the High School Musical film franchise, who's original character concept was said to have an enormous cock. This was especially prevalent during the "Can I Have This Dance" number in High School Musical 3, where one scene showed Zeke jizzing into the sky. This scene was later deleted and the fluid cascading from above was passed off as rain on Troy and Gabriella.
"Quit Zekeing me" or "Get Zeked bitch"
by Anti-Chad-ed December 19, 2018
Zeke, there are no words to describe him. He is so understanding. He is very attractive, nice, and will always make you laugh. He's always there to talk. Once you get to know him you will find out how amazing he is. He makes you smile when you never thought you would again. Plus he's the best boy friend ever. Just looking into his eyes will make your day. His eyes are blue, and sparkly, you will get lost in them. And his smile, his smile is just perfect. When he smiles it makes you smile. He's so goofy :) And his freckles, just look so cute on him.
When Zeke made eye contact with me i began to smile.
by January 15, 2020
the coolest person in the universe, god like.
zeke sooooooooooooo ssexy
by not zeke ducharme September 30, 2019
the coolest funniest sweetest person in the world and everyone loves him
zeke's a badass and i wish i was him
by lucy burdiek December 24, 2005
An Amazing Boyfriend That I Love With All My Heart Super Finee &&' Sexy !The Best Dude Ever

Zeke Is Short For: Ezekiel
Omg Girl Zeke Is So HOT!
by Mrsz.MyBoyfriendsLastName February 1, 2012
A man who is tall, dark and handsome. He kisses softly and loves strongly. He will promise to nevr leave you and when he hurts you, it kills him more then anything. Dances no matter how goffy he looks. He could make anyone laugh. He is stronger then strong. One day he will be something great and one lady will be the luckyest for having him.

I jus hope that lady is me.

Thats Zeke:)
One day that Zeke is going to go places.
by Ms.Clark June 15, 2011
A cool person whom has wierd quirks that make him/her interesting.
by PixelDust October 19, 2003