A big ass street nigga with a rocket launcher. He is known to sell used juuls behind his local McDonalds, this mans can and will eat your whole family.
I heard if you tickle Zeebo's belly a juul falls from the sky.
by Queebis McMuchkin iii April 22, 2018
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Bandas Prefessional Nigga. Has been caught eating crates if Kraft Mac N’ Cheese by his mother, whom who treats like a bitch.
Don’t fuck with Big Nigga Zeebo, he will END you.
by October 05, 2018
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The 500-pound professional street nigga from the Massachutes Bay Area, DONT NOT FUCK WITH THIS MANS!
Zeebo ate my whole family again!
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An epithet to describe a person from Azerbaijan or of Azeri descent. Attributes include pointy shoes, doma breath and Ladas loaded with farm animals.
Look at that Zeebo with his pointy dolma-eating shoes.
by Lefty Holepunch April 28, 2011
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A woman of ill-repute, a street walker. On a scale of class, slightly higher than a prostitute. Similar to a chicken-head. Often seen wearing minimal and revealing club-appropriate clothing in the middle of the day. Her sole goal in life is to attract a mate to meet her material needs.
You see that zeebo over there, wearing no panties in the club? She's only here to pick up a man.
by TwelveDegreesNorth January 31, 2011
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A mad, often confused, lonely and possibly misunderstood ape from the hill-like village of Menzieshill. Can't climb trees and doesn't like bananas. Hates losing. Often lives alone.
The Zeebo furiously beat his chest and threw his Wii controller across the room.
by Raymond Burgess November 07, 2007
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