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The way Canadians, British, Australians, and any other English-speaking country aside from the United States pronounce the final letter of the alphabet: Z. The American pronounciation "Zee" is derived from a now commonly obsolete late 17th century English dialect. The pronounciation "Zed" is ratified by the French "Zède", the Spanish and Italian "Zeta", and the Dutch "Zet", to name a few.
Eh, Bee, See, Dee, Ee, Eff, Gee, Aych, Eye, Jay, Kay, El, Em, Enn, Oh, Pee, Cue, Arr, Ess, Tee, You, Vee, Double-You, Ex, Why, **Zed.**
by Siludin July 28, 2006
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An ounce(oz) of weed

In the uk
1:Yo g can u sort a zed?

2:Just picked up a zed
by VdylanR November 22, 2019
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1. Slang for a Zombie, usually of the George A. Remereo (famous zombie movie director) type. Used commonly in the Max Brooks two novels: World War Z, and The Zombie Survival Guide. Used by zombie fans as a short cut to typing or saying the word.
2. The "proper" English way of pronouncing the letter Z
1. I just watched Dawn of the Dead and the ZEDS in that were fast!
2. I just got done reading World War Zed, and was it freaky
by noneofyourdamnbusiness September 10, 2007
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The sexiest and cutest motherfucker to have ever existed in the world
Person 1: "OMG is that Zed???"
Person 2: "Wow he's so cute"
Person 3: "Holy shit that's Zed, I wish I could be like him"
by alotalotalot August 25, 2021
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