The term, which originated from Unreal Tournament, used to describe killing two opponents at the same time or within a few seconds of each other. It is usually said by the in-game commentator.

Is also used in Halo and Halo 2.
You killed 1rtehs3cks
You killed Swift_assassin
by Seriphyn September 2, 2005
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When you kill two people with one shot in a video game. They are most likely side by side when this happens.
Digital Ghost terminated A. Noob with a double kill!
by cyanghost109 May 14, 2011
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In halo, if you kill two ppl withn 4 seconds of eachother you get a double kill
double kill,
triple kill,
kill frenzy,

HOLY SHIT! killimanjaro! i pwnzoreify
by phobiktweek March 19, 2005
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The simultaneous impregnation of two hot females at the same time.

Both hotties must be knocked up at the same time to achive a Double Kill.
Does not count if only one of the girls is hot or if the second conception happens after the birth of the first child/bastard.

The Legend just achieved the coveted and honorable Double Kill on a cheerleader and weird art girl. Mad props yo, mad props!

"I sort of have a twin but he is just the product of my dad's Double Kill"
by HumanPerson March 11, 2006
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When you kill 2 people in a short amount of time in Halo.
I just got a double kill! Awesome!
by Napster August 31, 2004
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When, you're Jerking off, and right when you're about to cum You kill yourself, making a double kill
Dude i just heard My brother got a double kill
by Th4twolf December 30, 2021
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A double kill is when you have two lazy eyes going on at the same time. It doesent even look like there looking at you.
I saw this guy at Dunkin Donught who had a double kill.

I couldent keep a straight face while ordering.
by Hi Im Rob May 8, 2004
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