Offensive word mocking the british accent, more specifically their trend to skip the letter "t".
Brits are often also mocked for their teeth and their way of naming things.
Brit: Let us commence forth.
*Computer shows a SpongeBob card saying "bri'ish"*
Brit: Bri'ish? *Starts mildly crying*
by Radio Lizard December 31, 2021
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a word that the bri'ish people of UD get offended at because it's too accurate
Chadmerican: oi m8 i'm bri'ish
virgibrit: *incoherent ranting*
by anonym0u$e December 6, 2022
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How a foolish Englishmen pronounces British. Used as a mockery to the Brits. Bri'ish resembles the word British.
Eh, noice day for a bri'ish person innit?
1: Hello bri'ish person!

2: Bri'ish crying intensifies...
by Chinypissteeth March 30, 2021
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an american trying to put on a british accent. usually used by 15 year old's trying to be funny, but failing
"oi bruv are u bri'ish. o yeah mate thats mad bruv"
by makoman January 25, 2021
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an american person trying to be funny (failing horribly) and mock a british persons accent.
unfunny american: oi bruv lok im bri'ish innit
by sirspyhotdog November 1, 2021
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